What isGKCors?

Parents’ Role for
Children’s Success
Japanese High Quality Education Meets Global

In this high-tech and globalized world, finding your own dream, facing problems and solving them, is required more than ever.
There is more to the traditional way of studying, reading textbook and memorizing that would help children to think by themselves.
We believe it is our duty to provide an environment for children to develop creativity and critical thinking. We also think that the parents involvement is a crucial part of the children’s success.

In recent years, STEAM education is one of the popular topic. Our method of teaching is based on our original program which has been running for over 30 years. It naturally has what we now call STEAM.
We are bringing in some new essence by adding some international cultural learning.


  • CREATIVITY Developing creative

  • CURIOSITY Inquisitive mind wanting
    to know more

  • COORDINATION Learning how to move
    your body

  • COMMUNICATION Ability build strong relationship
    with people

  • CONCENTRATION Developing prolonged


Here is our COURSE
We have mainly 2 courses for Children age 3-7 years old.


    Nurturing an ability to think on their own

    Once a week
    2 Hours/lesson
    6 people / class

    At this class, children can learn basic concepts of Math and Science through crafts and other activities.


    Learning language from fundamentals. English & Japanese

    Once a week
    1 Hours - /lesson
    6 people / class

    At this class, we help children to develop their English skills.
    This class is recommended for those children learning English as a second language. This 3 year program aims at the level of Cambridge Young Learners-Flyer.


There are also other options such as Summer School, Special lessons.