In the rapidly changing world, the future awaits for the children is unknown. Children themselves have a lot of immeasurable possibilities.

At childhood age from 3 to 9 years old is a golden age in human development. During this period, it is a very important time to build the foundation. I believe stimulating the five senses during this golden age is connected to creative thinking. I think it is also very important for children to feel accomplishment, even on the little things. This develops into what I call “invisible confidence”. It is the feeling of “I can do it” when children face new challenges. I believe that this will lead to the strength of choosing your own path and moving forward when they find something they like.

I would like children to learn about life during this golden age. However, learning in early childhood is not just so-called desk study. They learn many things through play. They expand their knowledge by thinking, creating, and discovering many things during the time of play. A child who can play well, can learn well. What we can support is making an environment that children can have physical strength, time, space and friends so that they can play fully and learn.

Risa Isobe
Head of GlobaKids School


Kiri Isobe (K&R Academy President&CEO)
Masato Taketomi (Vueloo inc. CEO)